William Murrell's Murrelli Media IP company constructs online portals that create relationships and foster transactions among Bostonians, its stakeholders and visitors to Greater Boston. If you are looking to make connections, are new to the city or if you are a member of the African American and Black community population, we have something to offer you. We can save you time and money doing things such as sourcing apartment rental leads, finding a seed capital investor, seeking a business referral or a job, obtaining individual and group transportation, having things to do for family and friends, advertising what you need, selecting a K-12 school while analyzing their diversity and more.

People find us via web search engines. Our readers are baby boomers, young professionals, college students, parents, career track executives, the working class, non-profits and profit-making organizations, tourists, artists, the arts and cultural community, conference and meeting planners, human resource professionals, social capital organizers, music, art and theater production companies, filmmakers, casting directors, movie studio marketing teams and more.

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